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What is Project Management?

Are you a project manager? Have you just started or about to start a new project? Are you unsure about what project management is or what the role of a project manager is? What is project management is an e-learning course from our Real Learner course that will answer these question for you.

The course is divided into 5 sections and covers:

What is project management? – What is it, in a nutshell

Why do we have project management? – How it came about and why it ís important today

The project – Key steps in the lifecycle of a typical project

The project manager – How a project manager is different from a normal manager. – What a project manager is expected to do

Tips and tools – Some things to help the project manager

The course looks at what project management is and how you can use it in your work. Understand the project lifecycle and how it is used by the project manager. If you are making the move from office manager to project manager the course goes through the roles and responsibilities of both jobs. Whether you are an experienced project manager or just moving into a new project manager role this e-learning course will help you understand what is project management and how it project management is used in the workplace and how it can make you more effective in your job.

The course is self paced allowing learners to complete the course in their own time. We can offer access via our Learning Management System (LMS) or provide SCORM versions for deployment on your company LMS. Individual users may be interested in accessing our courses via Real Learner. Using our LMS you will be able to track learner progress and have obtain to our other e-learning courses.

The courses are all illustrated and work on Mac and PC.
The courses are available in SCORM 1.2 and web only versions. We are also able to offer versions for your company intranet. We offer sensible licenses! No need for a minimum order! Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

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Demonstration versions

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