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Game Based Learning Resources

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Game Based Learning Resources

Real Projects develops game based learning resources for a range of clients including Connexions, 3M, NEAD.


You can view one of our latest games for NEAD

Wants & Needs (Human Rights)

Eco High - Global Citizenship game

(Conflict & Resolution) Consequences

Social Justice - Just Childhood

stressmeless - online revision learning game - Stressmeless is aa online revision game that we created in Flash. We also created test versions on the PSP.

Oil Rig Health and Safety (web version - requires time to download)- Explore an offshore installation and identify key health and safety issues on the rig before you take the fire drill timed game. Lateral thinking and awareness can result in time bonuses during this game.

If you are interested in development game based learning content please get in touch. We work with a range of devices including iPhone, iPad, touchscreens, PC, Mac, Thinking Words and Flash.

Within our team are a number of experienced Computer Game Designers who are working on game based learning projects. Several members of our team also have experience in producing educational puzzles and games for online going back many years!

Speaking and Presentations -  Resources for download

Scott Hewitt regularly speaks on Game Based Learning and e-learning at events across the UK. We've provided presentations slides, papers and downloads for your reference.

Game Based Learning - Isn't it time you found out more? (8mb powerpoint show)

Real Projects Game Based Learning Slides

Learning inside Alternate Realities - copyright Ludic Nation

PSP In Education (PDF from Sony)

Game Based Learning Resources - Links to videos and resources many of which were used at the elearning network summer showcase in London.

Serious Games on the move - Serious Games on the Move - Cambridge

Thinking Worlds - Example Game Content

We are able to develop games and simulations using the thinking words development tool. We currently have many other games in development. Call us on 01603 762722 or email if you would like to see a demonstration.

If you are interested in seeing how Thinking Worlds could be used in your organisation please take a look at these demonstration modules. Please note that all content is for demonstration purposes only and should not be used as accurate learning content or guidance.

HSE Kitchen

Virtual School Visit - All content is copyright National College of School Leadership

Customer Service: Based on Module 106 of NVQ Level 1 in Customer Service. The game is set in a bank.

Real Projects Portfolio

Real Projects Work Examples PDF (5mb download) - This contains a small selection of our recent work.

Game Based Learning - Game design documents

Design and Development of Learning Games PDF (3mb download) - This document contains examples and narrative explaining recent learning game developments by Real Projects.

Music Manager Game PDF (2mb download) - This document explains the recently created Music Manager Game. The game is set on a TV studio and the learner is the producer, responsible for maintaining the quality of the broadcast and getting the show to air on time.

Game Based Learning Presentations - You Tube Game Video

Some of the videos that we've used in presentations:

Project Natal - Video of Project Natal

Playing tetris on a building - Tetris being played on a multi storey building, the gamers have re-engineered the electrics and are using a mobile phone as a controller.

Game Based Learning Links

Game Engines

Here are a few links to game engines that we've mentioned into presentations:

Tools for building your own iPhone app

Game Salad

13 tools for building your own iPhone app

Other useful applications


xtranormal - text to video

Blender - create 3D animations

Books and reference

Edge Magazine

Gamasutra - The art and business of making games

Game Based Learning 2010

Simple Machines - Excellent game example from Museum of Science and Technology Chicago

Association of Learning Technology and Elearning Network Webinar - Scott Hewitt and Steve Harris on Instructional Design for Learning Games

Game Based Learning Development

Real Projects has developed a number of game based learning resources using a range of development tools from Flash to Thinking Worlds. We are able to create learning games to suit your budget and platform.

Industry Groups

Real Projects are members of Games Eden.

Computer Games Degree Partnerships

Real Projects has linked with the Norwich University College of the Arts (NUCA) Computer Games Art Degree and also the University College Suffolk (UCS) Computer Games Degree. Our work with NUCA has been nominated for the EDP24 Business Awards (Best Enterprise/Education Partnership) and in 2009/10 we will be working with UCS providing projects on the development of Key Stage 1 games with Year 1 students.

Building a game in a day

Real Projects works with the Norwich University College of the Arts Computer Game Design Degree. In November 2009 Real Projects held a game in a day workshop. Using Thinking Worlds and game design techniques students were asked to develop a series of games based on a live project brief.

Developing a game in a day brief

Sample Student Work

Design Document.docx
Traffic Officer Game Doc v.1.0.docx

Example apps and tools

H2H Defence Learning Model– This defence model has been designed by members of UK Elite Special Forces. Real Projects designed this unique e-learning module to illustrate the systematic 5 step process.

NCSL Am I Ready diagnostic tool– This diagnostic tool is used by the National College of School Leadership to assess readiness of potential school leaders.

Norfolk ICT Solutions e-confidence pyramid– Designed exclusively for Norfolk County Council this e-learning model is being used by every school in Norfolk to deliver the new ICT strategies.

Blurtit Instructional Video– A great example of how instructional video can get across key learning points.


Want to find out more?

We use our Real Projects twitter feed to share information about Game Based Learning and also regularly post articles on our Real Projects blog.

Please note that all content in these demonstrations is for demonstration purposes only and should not be used as accurate learning content or guidance. To view these virtual worlds you will need to have shockwave installed on your machine.