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Free E-learning Resources and Fact Sheets available for download

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Real Projects has provided a range of fact sheets which you might find useful. Please feel free to download and use.

January 2013 : e-learning, online and technical resources
During the month we tweet, email, google and post several resources to friends, customers and colleagues. We've decided to collate these and share them every month.

5 things to think about when choosing a voiceover artist
This fact sheet discusses 5 things to think about when choosing a voiceover for your project.

E-learning Development – Is it time you started using wireframes as part of your e-learning design process?
This resource discuss the use of wireframes in e-learning design. How can they be used and what are the advantages?

Xtranormal - Using it to create an online icebreaker
Xtranormal is a website that lets you create 3D movies from text. Find out how you can use it as an online icebreaker.

Developing an e-learning strategy
What are some of the things that you need to think about when you create an e-learning strategy?

40 iPhone applications for use in education and training
40 of our favourite iPhone applications for use in education and training.

40 applications, websites, tools and resources for use in learning
40 of our favourite applications, tools and websites. As demonstrated at the Norfolk e-learning forum.

Game Based Learning - Our tools list
A small list of some of our favourite game development tools.

5 simple steps to successful project management
Our five simple steps to successful project management. Five steps that you can follow and apply to any project at any time.

Our monthly tech reading list
A mix of 6 websites, videos, magazines and a TV programme that make up our monthly reading and watching list that keeps our game based and e-learning development teams up to date!

Introduction to Game Based Learning - if you've never played computer games or its been a while!
If you have not played computer games for a while and you are interested in game based learning here is a session that we share with customers, friends and clients.

Game Based Learning Interview - Scott Hewitt
Scott Hewitt shares some of his views about game based learning and how he got involved in developing game based learning resources.

5 quick tips before you start your game based learning project
5 quick tips to read before you start your game based learning project.

Elearning New Course Request form
Download our elearning new course request form to help on your new projects

Elearning Project Sign Off Form
Download our elearning project sign off form to help on your elearning projects

Elearning Change Request Form
Download our change request for use in your elearning projects.






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