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5 things to think about before hiring a voiceover artist

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5 things to think about before hiring a voiceover artist

  1. Ensure that you understand who owns the copyright
    Before you sign any contracts make sure that you are clear about who owns the recorded material and how it can be used. You should be really clear about where you can use the material, how often and for what purposes.
  2. Have you selected the right voiceover artist
    At the start of the project talk to your client about the type of voiceover artist that they have in mind. If possible email the client some mp3 sound clips so that they can listen to some examples of voice styles. Most voiceover artists have sound samples that you can use. It is best to include the client in the selection process.
  3. What will you get at the end?
    Do you want mp3, wav, DAT, cd? It is best to agree with the voiceover artist how you will receive your final files. We work with a superb artist who provides all of our clips in mp3 or wav so that we can use them right away. Think about specifying the filenames of the clips, it might cost a little more but if you’ve hundreds of clips called 1.mp3, 2.mp3 it is going to be difficult to sort them in the future.
  4. Make sure your artist understands your acronyms and abbreviations
    Don’t assume that your voiceover artist will have worked in every business sector! You may have a certain way of pronouncing abbreviations that you need to get right. Talk to your artist over the phone or provide them with an example sound file that they can listen to.
  5. Make your script easy to read!
    Before you start recording make sure that your voiceover artist had had time to read your script. The voiceover artists that we work with all offer their advice and opinions to ensure that we get the best outcome. Take time to listen to their views, what looks good on paper often needs changing before recording.


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