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MediaSeveral members of the Real Projects team have experience of working for companies in the media sector. Some of the companies that our team have worked for include Granada Media, United Business Media and Entertainment and Anglia Television. Members of the Real Projects team worked on the first education digital television trials.

In recent years Real Projects has worked extensively with the Royal Television Society providing a range of services from blended learning solutions to instructional videos.

First Take Films are a small independent production company and we provided them with website development services to improve their existing website.

Real Projects have also completed instructional videos that have been used by The National College for School Leadership and Blurtit.

Podcasts and Voiceover Artists

We have access to a wide range of voiceover artists who provide voiceover for many of our e-learning projects. In recent years we have also supplied a number of podcasts on a range of subjects. With access to a range of voiceover artists we can offer an high quality service with a quick turnaround to companies who are interested in recording their own podcasts.