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Blended learning and e-learning for training companies

Blended learning and e-learning for training companiesMany of our e-learning solutions have been part of an overall blended learning solution from our work with NCSL to H2H defence. Working with H2H defence we have created a website and a series of e-learning modules to support their training courses. We have also been able to work with H2H to create artwork and illustrations for their training manuals.

Blended learning

Our solutions have formed part of many blended learning courses from induction modules to complete training courses. We are able to take existing training material and create compelling e-learning solutions that fit into the learning structure.

Businesses that we have we worked with

We have supported many training companies who deliver a range of training courses, some of these include:

  • Teacher training
  • Military training
  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Personal fitness and health
  • Self awareness and defence