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touchscreens – on the comeback trail…!

At Real Projects we’ve recently been invited to look at a number of touchscreen projects for clients. I looked at the possibilities of touchscreens in 1996, since then the technology has moved on a lot. the technology is now being used in many devices from information points in shopping centres to mobile phones. On the […]

mobiles, feedback and e-learning

Last week I went to a great event hosted by the Norfolk Network. At the event James Duez from the feedback company spoke about his experiences of running a succesful e-learning business and also his current project: The Customer Feedback Company. James and his team demonstrated a great piece of technology that captures instant feedback […]

our new website…

Over the past few weeks we have been working on our new website. We are at the final stages and plan to have the site live before the end of August. In addition to the new site which you’ll be able to see at we’ve also got plans to update the norfolk elearning forum […]