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Game Based Learning – What does this mean to you?

First blog post for a while… I started working in e-learning and games in the 90’s. During this time we have seen some amazing technical advantages and also seen some interesting advances within e-learning. In recent years games based learning or GBL has been a trend subject. Game Based Learning does not only mean using […]

Multi-touch table at Bett

It is the day before Bett and I’m getting a list of stands that I want to visit, near the top of the list is the SMART stand where they are demonstrating “the world’s first multi-touch, multi-user table for primary education” I’m really interested in seeing this technology as I’ve read a lot about touch-screen […]

touchscreens – on the comeback trail…!

At Real Projects we’ve recently been invited to look at a number of touchscreen projects for clients. I looked at the possibilities of touchscreens in 1996, since then the technology has moved on a lot. the technology is now being used in many devices from information points in shopping centres to mobile phones. On the […]