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Leave PowerPoint Alone!

Several years ago I went to see Dave Gorman. He is a stand up comedian who tells stories of his extreme adventures! The first time time I saw him was his Are You Dave Gorman? show where he had travelled the world looking for other people called Dave Gorman. During the show he used PowerPoint […]

Our Top 11 Elearning Articles from March

March has seen some interesting elearning and technology news and articles being published. We’ve collated the best from the blogs and industry websites and we’ve round up the best of them for you from around the industry. Learning Light – Research into the e-learning and learning technologies market Learning Light has been producing research into […]

What can e-learning learn from other digitial industries – Part 1 Graphic Design

There are lots of influences and techniques that e-learning designers can take and use in their e-learning projects from graphic design, game design, illustration and 3D work. Often techniques from other digital arts are overlooked by e-learning designers. There are many skills from other digital areas like graphic design that can be added and included […]

E-learning development – 6 ideas to how to manage the review process

During the e-learning development process there is a question that often comes up. How do you manage the change process without allowing endless changes? This is especially an issue during the graphic, script and interactive phases – you could say during of the phases of a project! Different companies and individuals have different models of […]