e-learning material on a blackberry….

Last month I attended the elearning network November event. One of the sessions showed how merrill lynch are delivering e-learning content via a blackberry.

Delivery of content via blackberry has proved to be a great success with an increased adoption rate amongst their trial group. The group also provided some great insights into how the blackberry user wanted to have content delivered.

I’ve been able to view some of the content modules and it was interesting to see how they worked. Designed to be about 15 minutes in duration with no amazing video they are designed for the blackberry user…sat on the train with a few minutes to spare….email, web, phone, messages…and then they can pick up a module that they have downloaded.

The technology that they have used minimises download time and also ensures that your results are stored in case you are offline. Everything connects to the LMS so all the reporting is captured. I’m providing a very simple overview of what was a well thought out project execution!

The method of delivery did generate a great deal of discussion, with the team at ML stressing that this was a specific method of delivery for a specific group of employees. It will be very interesting to see how e-learning will start to be delivered across portable devices such as the blackberry and the Iphone in the future.

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