Our Top 11 Elearning Articles from March

March has seen some interesting elearning and technology news and articles being published. We’ve collated the best from the blogs and industry websites and we’ve round up the best of them for you from around the industry.

Learning Light – Research into the e-learning and learning technologies market
Learning Light has been producing research into elearning and learning technologies market since 2008. They have just released their latest report titled “e-learning, lessons for the future. Working with IBIS capital Learning Light they have provided a definitive view of the global e-learning and learning technologies market.

Jane Hart’s Blog – ABC: 10 reasons NOT to create a course and 10 other options
The latest entry from Jane Hart on the Learning in the Social Workplace blog generated a lot of interest in the elearning industry with over 400 social media shares. The articles covers 10 reasons NOT to create a course, it does offer alternative solutions to courses and why you might not want to create a course. In her article Jane does suggest other development ideas and tools such as Thinking Worlds, Yammer and answerhub. It is a very interesting article and well worth reading.

Clever Packaging: Essential Medicine Rides Coke’s Distribution Into Remote Villages
A fascinating article about “Kit Yamoyo” which means “kit of life”. They are medical kits that have been designed to be transported in coca cola crates. The article shows how design, medicine and logistics have come together to solve a major problem in Zambia. Using the coca-cola distribution channel medical kits are being distributed far and wide across Zambia. A great article showing how you can bring together design, logistics and innovation – I just had to include this! A great story.

14 lousy web design trends that are making a comeback
With HTML5 starting to take off and more and more elearning developers beginning to understand the benefits of using HTML we are seeing web techniques and design moving back into elearning design in a big way. However this article from econsultancy shows that there are some bad design trends making a comeback that we thought had gone away! More elearning designers need to look to other creative industries for influence and to see how they are using standards. A good article for designers, programmers and instructional designers.

Should museums display video games?
Pacman, Tetris and Simcity and 11 other video games are going to be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This article on the BBC website also contains a short video about the Museum and the future of videos games in museums and how we will record them in the future. For those of you interested in Game Based Learning this will be of interest! What will be the first elearning course to be in a museum?

Starting a New eLearning Project – Questions To Ask Before You Start
An article on the questions that you need to think about before you start your elearning project. I’ve written this to cover this many of the issues that arise before you start the instructional and graphic design issues.

Hundreds of Free Textures for Your E-Learning Courses
Another great blog post from Tom Kuhlmann with information and links about free textures that you can use in your elearning projects. Tom works for Articulate but you can use these textures in many elearning projects and with many development software tools.

FutureLearn: Can they do it?
Interesting post from David Hopkins on his blog Don’t waste your time about FutureLearn the first UK-led “multi-institutional platform for free, open, online courses” whose aim is to “increase access to higher education for students in the UK and around the world by offering a diverse range of high quality courses through a single website.” Another good round up from David.

Is the migration of Flash eLearning courses to HTML5 becoming a reality?
Christopher Pappas from elearningindustry.com has posted his article about the the future of HTML5 within the elearning industry and how you can go about migrating your flash based content to HTML5. As more and more development tools offer HTML5 output developers will start to think about their legacy courses that have been developed in flash. Christopher discusses how you might migrate your courses to HTML5 and what some of the challenges are.

What do learners want?
A new entry for our list is Craig Taylor and his blog. What do learners want is a a really interesting three article series from Craig Taylor on his blog covering the ‘why’, ‘questions’ and  ‘marketing’ about what do learner want includes some video clips from Towards Maturity. Well worth reading the series.

weelearning Design Jam – Redesigning the Conference Experience – A bunch of people down the pub on a Wednesday night using design thinking to re-imagine the conference going experience. What could be more normal? Nice post from Sam Burrough

Other things and top hits for March!

Open Badges – Open Badges is a new online standard to recognize and verify learning. Looks really interesting!

How Khan Academy Nike Training Club and SparkPeople Motivate Users Behavior by Tony Karrer

Font Squirrel – 1000’s of fonts that you can use in your projects. We mentioned this in our articulate forum responses last month

Minigroups – mentioned this before in the blog but a cool app for your projects and well worth a look!

Should ‘real’ students do an online course on the side? Guardian article on what you can get from a MOOC – that’s a massive open online course

Yes ware Email software for tracking whether your emails. Works with gmail.

If you know about a great site or article then let us know about either via the blog or twitter


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