elearning or e-learning

Which one? Capital E, lower case e, hypen, no hyphen, lower case e and upper case L?

Over the past few weeks we’ve been re-designing the Real Projects website and have a few other things designed. A constant conversation that came up in the office was elearning or e-learning?

We looked on google trends, looked across the web, read forums and I still can’t really work out what is being adopted. I read a forum this morning where they were going for elearning, then I read in the thread the word email….this then made me think about where the hyphen went! I can recall using e-mail many years ago.

How long has e-learning got left? What about eLearning.

We have used a mix of both in the past but we have just decided to go for e-learning but we will be keeping an eye on elearning!

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elearning or e-learning

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  1. At the moment it should be elearning. Why? The dash gets dropped from portmanteau words after they have become accepted – see also multi-media/multimedia. I don’t feel that elearning actually has long left as an umbrella term describing what we do. I prefer learning technology. Or may be even learning?

    Rob Alton September 19, 2008 at 12:37 pm #

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