It is always good to come across a new magazine or book that you really enjoy and know that a lot of your friends will also like. I recently came across a magazine called Make while I was in the USA. It is published quarterly and costs near $15 but it is well worth it. The magazine features loads of really cool inventions and projects that you can carry out at home. Some of them are US specific and do require a certain level of skill (that I don’t have 🙂 ) but they are still really interesting to read. The current issue involves making soap from bacon fat, building a bike stand, making a forge to create nails, building a LD brick light and tweeting your electric usage.

If you like the Jonny Lee wii video then you’ll like the Make website, it has loads of really great articles and videos. One example is making a 24 hour time lapse video.


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  1. i was about to post telling you about a similar site called hackzine that i subscribe to via RSS. well it turns out they are the same thing! i can definitely recommend subscribing to their blog feed.

    There are all sorts of hacks/projects on there, many related to the iphone, that look really cool – none of which i’ve plucked up the courage to do!

    J June 12, 2009 at 11:40 am #

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