mobile phone to iphone

Over the past 2 years I have managed to go through 4 different mobile phones from a variety of manufacturers. They have all stopped working at one point for a variety of reasons ranging from been dropped one too many times to another getting absolutely soaked during a thunderstorm!

For the past couple of months I’ve been using an old Nokia (old in terms of features) that has managed to cope with being dropped a few times, chucked into a bag and actually being used as a phone at some point. Having had various pda, xda etc I did want something that synched with email, calendars etc and also could be used for a bit of research.

So….I got an iphone.

The phone was quite easy to set up and did sync with my software really well, we had to add software to the server to get the email to work but its been a success.

Its a good device with neat functionality to email, calendars etc….but the battery life is not that great! We’ve had a look at the apps that are available and there some great tools available from tube maps, flight checkers, travel guides to games. The ipod works well but as the phone needs to sync with itunes if you use profiles you might end up with a massive profile if you keep you music on your office pc!

The GPS/google maps is very useful and opens up the device to a range of uses even if it can be a bit scary to see you blue dot moving as you walk. I know you can get a gps in a car this just seems a bit different.

As a learning device we’ve spoken to a number of people who are interested in seeing how they could be used to deliver content. The barrier is the cost of the devices and the fact that you need a long term contract to actually have one…perhaps there is a need for a next gen ipod that is more of a travel/office device without the phone?

…the browser is good as well! 🙂

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mobile phone to iphone

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  1. the thing i like about the iphone is it strips out all of the unnecessary features, menus and settings etc found in all the other mobile devices and either hides them away or gets rid of them.

    having a nice big screen combined with the simplified GUI of web applications via Apps makes for some very usable and useful functionality.

    i guess e-learning could be delivered very easily through the device via pod casts (audio or video). the next step of course would be delivery through Apps.

    Jay February 26, 2009 at 4:52 pm #

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