ok…we’ve finally moved

…it took a little longer that we expected but we’ve moved. Our new home is blog.realprojects.co.uk. For a while we wanted to have the blog on our own domain name and also with our own theme. We ended up getting really busy with client work so we had to leave some of our own projects to one side.

you might have also noticed that we’ve added some more content to the website. We also have some whitepapers and podcasts which we also want to get uploaded.

On the subject of moving we’ve just celebrated one year in our new offices in Norwich. I can’t really believe that it was one year ago that we moved. As a company and a team we have moved on a great deal which is down to the great team of people that we have working at RP and those who have worked at RP!

We are hoping to have another open day next year so we might see some of you over the coming 12 months. If you want to have a site visit then please give the office a call we’d be only too happy to welcome you along!

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