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Kevin Mulryne from NCSL posted on his Twitter page requesting ideas for online icebreakers. Chris George from SAM Learning emailed us this fantastic website where you can make your own movies online using text that you type in. Its fantastic! A great range of features and you can publish your videos to the web. Here are the details of our icebreaker! – is the little sample we have done for you:

1: Set up an account at

2: Set up a twitterfall page

3: Get the participants to email their questions to you or use the twitter feed (Take a sample of the questions)

4: Publish a question and answer session to the web using

Cost: free

Duration: Pre-course

Set-up: Including account set up (45 minutes) …more if you want to do cool camera angles!

Complexity – Basic to medium depending on how hard you much you want to change the movie

Asynchronous activity in advance of course

…on a separate note I think this site is an excellent teaching resource. We’ve come up with loads of ideas this morning for how we could use it in a range of teaching enviroments.


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