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Recently we purchased a book called presentation zen by Garr Reynolds. It uses some really interesting and often quite obvious techniques to create really powerful presentations. We used a few of the techniques to create some sample presentations and were pretty pleased with the results. When you look at the slide samples it all looks pretty easy but it is not until you start putting your presentation together that it requires a different type of thinking.

After we had put together our slides I thought about how some of the techniques could be used to make rapid elearning development more interesting and powerful, in particular the sections about displaying bar charts and graphs. Reynolds also makes some really interesting observations about the use of space and the best way to convey your message.

Reynolds has his own blog in which he writes

“Graphic designers show restraint by including only what is necessary to communicate the particular message for the particular audience. Restraint is hard. Complication and elaboration are easy…and are common.”

The same thought process could certainly apply to those of us developing elearning content.

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