Presenting in Second Life

At our last elearning forum our topic was Second Life. Andy Powell from Eduserve presented from within Second Life to our forum members who were all watching on a big screen. It was very interesting to see the reactions of the gathered audience to Second Life and the presentation format.

Andy gave a really interesting presentation but I thought that it must have been really hard for him as he couldn’t see the reactions of the audience…at the same time the audience couldn’t really see any emotions from Andy other than those displayed in Second Life. After the event I spoke to a number of people who were looking at Second Life for the first time who were disappointed. They had expected so much more in terms of visual appearance and functionality. Such is the depth and complexity of how second life can be used that we didn’t really get the time to show that its about more than the graphics.

From our perspective the most interesting thing was the way the presenter within second life had to interact with a real world audience. Several of the forum members were interested in using it to develop scenario based learning, while others were worried about the unrestricted nature of the world.

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