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Bett Show Review

Last week the Bett show took place at London Olympia, before setting out I’d been thinking about whether the show could get any bigger. Well, after a first walk around Olympia which seemed to take hours, I found that it had grown! The side hall (Olympia 2 I think) was used to house many more […]

Multi-touch table at Bett

It is the day before Bett and I’m getting a list of stands that I want to visit, near the top of the list is the SMART stand where they are demonstrating “the world’s first multi-touch, multi-user table for primary education” I’m really interested in seeing this technology as I’ve read a lot about touch-screen […]

learning on the road

Writing in the Guardian, Julie Ferry has looked at the increasing number of students who are choosing to study and travel at the same time. The article looks at 3 people who have successufully combined their studies and travel. With a number of companies offering paid sabaticals to try to avoid redundancy and an increasing […]

touchscreens – on the comeback trail…!

At Real Projects we’ve recently been invited to look at a number of touchscreen projects for clients. I looked at the possibilities of touchscreens in 1996, since then the technology has moved on a lot. the technology is now being used in many devices from information points in shopping centres to mobile phones. On the […]