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What can e-learning learn from other digitial industries – Part 1 Graphic Design

There are lots of influences and techniques that e-learning designers can take and use in their e-learning projects from graphic design, game design, illustration and 3D work. Often techniques from other digital arts are overlooked by e-learning designers. There are many skills from other digital areas like graphic design that can be added and included […]

mobile phone to iphone

Over the past 2 years I have managed to go through 4 different mobile phones from a variety of manufacturers. They have all stopped working at one point for a variety of reasons ranging from been dropped one too many times to another getting absolutely soaked during a thunderstorm! For the past couple of months […]

mobiles, feedback and e-learning

Last week I went to a great event hosted by the Norfolk Network. At the event James Duez from the feedback company spoke about his experiences of running a succesful e-learning business and also his current project: The Customer Feedback Company. James and his team demonstrated a great piece of technology that captures instant feedback […]