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40 applications in 40 minutes

40 apps in 40 minutes For the latest Norfolk e-learning forum I decided that we should run a session on open source and free software tools. There are so many well known open source and free tools in use such as Moodle and WordPress that setting up the session was a challenge. I settled on […]

mobiles, feedback and e-learning

Last week I went to a great event hosted by the Norfolk Network. At the event James Duez from the feedback company spoke about his experiences of running a succesful e-learning business and also his current project: The Customer Feedback Company. James and his team demonstrated a great piece of technology that captures instant feedback […]

our new website is live…

phew…after what seems like months of writing, designing and coding we have managed to upload our new website. We’ve added a lot more content about what we do and improved the layout of the pages.  This is the third version of the site and we’d welcome any comments about the site. I’d forgot how tricky […]