Some Of The Tools We Use To Build Our Online Projects – Some Are Free!

You know that to run your business or development team you are going to need to some software!

As a business owner, project manager and developer I know that we need to use the latest software to make sure that we can create creative elearning and game solutions.

In addition to the obvious software that you might be using like Microsoft Office, iTunes, Twitter and Linkedin there are some other great apps and software out there that you can use.

Some of them are free to try, some have free limited licenses and some of them have low cost applications.

Basecamp – Online Project Management software that allows you to send messages, emails, backup your files and store your files.

Minigroups – Online project collaboration software, excellent for projects of all sizes – screen capture software with free and paid versions that you can output to a wide range of formats.

Open office – great alternative to the microsoft office.

Wordle – create great word clouds – we’ve used these on several projects.

GIMP – GNU image manipulation software. Ideal for image work if you don’t have photoshop

Convert units for free – this is an iphone app for converting units. This is a really useful app.

Promo PDF – A free PDF creator and you can print direct from your software packages. A really great piece of software

Notepad++  – Free course editor for for your programming requirements.

AVG Anti-Virus – Free version of the popular anti virus software Rapid sims software that now has a free license option – presentation software with free and paid versions

Tick – Time Management software with a iPhone App

There are a whole host of software applications available for you to use. You can get some get Cloud applications and Software as a Service allowing you to try applications without the risk of a big capital layout.

What are the applications that you use in your office or development team?

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