web2.0 hierarchy

I recently read a post on Clive Shepherd’s blog about how he spends his time reading blogs, posting, using twitter etc…It was an interesting post and got me thinking about how we spend our time using web2.0 tools and utilities and whether there was an hierarchy to our use?

Twitter, Linkedin, Blogs, Wikis, Forums, Ning, Websites, News Feeds, RSS Burns – just a few of the tools that we are currently using in the office. We don’t really have an order of importance for them, but their use was somewhat influenced by our location, IT device and time restraints. We’ve found Twitter to be a great app when used on the iphone, we barely use a PC to update or ‘tweet’. Whilst we never really use the linkedin app on the iphone…..ah…but then we do use the yahoo app…..and skype……but not really the RSS feeds….but we can update wordpress via the phone…..then we only really update linkedin at the pc…and the blog gets updated when we are in the office…..website updates at the PC…..wordpress sites on the move and in the office….errr and we need to do some work.

I have some friends who restrict their time on these apps, which might be a good idea. We’ve got quite a good setup and routine for updating…although the blog hasn’t been updated much recently 🙂 We only really tend to add when content when we come across something that we think is interesting and people might like to hear about….we hope!

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