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I’d noticed that there had not been much blogging activity in the past few weeks. This is due to a combination of holiday, working on projects and getting our games based learning event arranged. I’ve been using Twitter to post updates as I’ve got twitterfone on my phone which has proved to be really useful. I’ve seen extended uses for twitter especially when used on a mobile device. I think it would be great to use when travelling so that you can keep people up to date with where are you and what you are up to. It has come quite a way since I used a fax machine to send back monthly updates. I’ve experimented using Twitter feeds with a client on a couple of occasions and it was useful when we were both out of office.

At the next e-learning forum event I want to try a twitter feed to see how whether it will be used.

Over the past month I’ve seen some really interesting stuff from the new UK edition of wired magazine to finally getting the time to read a TLRP paper on Education 2.0?

Reading other people’s blog’s is always interesting and I read about a great presentation device on Clive Shepherd’s Blog – – take a look at this clever presentation device. is another fave site at the moment that we’ve come across. It is well worth a look.

…also we are planning to be at so feel free to come and say hi.

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