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I’ve previously blogged about our interest in game based learning and games design. It is nearly a year since our trial with the NUCA games degree started and its proving to be a success. It has been a great experience for everyone involved from the Real Projects team to the NUCA students. I think it is fair to say that everyone who has been part of the programme has learnt a great deal and it has led to the scheme being shortlisted for judging by the EDP’s Business Awards. We are all hoping to make it to the final shortlist! Combining games design and instructional design has led to some great results, one of which is – take a look!

We have been using a range of tools including the brilliant Thinking Worlds. I’ve read a few reviews about Thinking Worlds from e-learning designers who have been equally glowing their reviews but have mentioned the steep learning curve. Working with NUCA and also our game designers we’ve been able to develop learning objects in a matter of days. The interface is similar to game engines that George and Sam were already familar with. We are constantly developing learning objects and games using Thinking Worlds and the reaction from friends, colleagues and clients has been really great. In the short time that we have beenusing the tool it is clear that it offers a great range of possibilities for education and business. If you want to see some of the games that we have developed send me an email or call the office and we can set up a web-ex to show you.

On the game design front there is an excellent article in this month’s Edge magazine about the development of the new FIFA game, even if you are not interested in football the section on the development of the AI to enable more accuracy when kicking the ball is fascinating.

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