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How do you find developers for your elearning courses?

Our award winning team creates elearning courses in English and Spanish for our course library each each. They also create custom projects for our clients that are based around the world. We are also support AnalyiSport with their development projects.

We often get asked where to find developers and what development tools do you we use? The requirements for our projects vary from each projects but the main requirements for our projects are:

Graphic Designers
Script Writers
Interactive Designers
Developers – Articulate 360 (Rise and Storyline)

We are happy for people to reach out to us, but we can’t guarantee a reply due to the number of responses that we might receive or due to our current project workload. We do understand that contacting people does take time, we hope this page provides some guidance.

How do I find out about about open positions?
We often post jobs on LinkedIn jobs and on our company job page on LinkedIn. It is a good idea to follow us on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/realprojectselearning

What don’t you use?
We don’t have a requirement for developers in blockchain, web3, mobile or full stack developers – sorry.

What about a list of developers?
We don’t keep a list of developers.

Whether you've got a project needing some extra resource or you've got an idea we might be able to help with.
We help companies of all sizes so please get in touch and let's see if we can help.

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