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How do you find voiceover artists for your elearning courses?

Our team delivers elearning courses in Spanish and English for our award winning course library each week, as well as delivering custom projects for clients. In addition, we’re also supporting AnalyiSport to deliver their award winning data and analytics courses. 

With over 100 projects being delivered each year, we use a range of voiceover artists from around the world. For example, our Remote Working Masterclass uses 10 different voiceover artists from 10 different countries. 

Our requirements for voiceover can vary from project to project, from just a few lines to a complete course. With this in mind, it’s important to have a good relationship with voiceover artists. We need artists who understand the type of projects that we do, just as we need to understand how they work.

How do you find voiceover artists?

Seller Platforms

We often use platforms such as Fiverr and PeoplePerHour. They allow us to review pricing and contacts as well as listen to voice samples quickly. We can also pay for a sample to help us decide if the voiceover fits our current requirements.


We receive invitations on LinkedIn from voiceover artists, introducing themselves to us. This provides us with the opportunity to review their voice samples. We also regularly use LinkedIn if we’re in the middle of a project and looking for a voiceover artist. We can use the search features to find the right person. Sometimes we reach out to people or use some of the elearning groups. 

It is worth following our company pages https://www.linkedin.com/company/realprojectselearning as we use this to post job requests. 

Elearning Groups

We often post articles in elearning forums, such as the Articulate Forum. It’s a community of elearning developers and many people on there have contacts who have worked on previous elearning projects. 

What about an internal roster? 

We’re regularly asked whether we have an internal roster of artists, but we don’t really have one. We receive a voiceover request almost every day, making it impractical to manage a roster. 

We listen to voiceover artist soundreels that come in. If it’s interesting or potentially suitable for a project then we let the project team know. 

Do you use agents, online casting sites, or pull from an internal roster? 

We don’t use agents or online casting sites. We prefer to work with the voiceover artist directly. 

Anything else? 

We work with artists who have an easy-to-understand fee structure and a simple rights table. We need to be able to understand the fees as this helps us to budget accordingly. If the fees are too complex, or there are too many options, then it probably isn’t for us—sorry!

What if you don’t work with me at the moment – what can I do? 

We will listen to voiceover artists who send in a voiceover sample, but we can’t make any promises regarding future work. We have a group of artists that we are currently working with. 

On custom projects clients will often pick a voice that they like. Other times, they may already have a voiceover artist they want to use. For our course library, we might be looking for a specific voiceover artist to match a character that our design team has created.

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