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How much does it cost to create an elearning course?

You’ve asked the question and you want an immediate answer? You’ll find that most companies want to go through a complex, detailed sales process.  It can be frustrating but there is a reason, they’ll need to understand the scale, scope and content requirement of your project.

So how much? You’ll still want to understand how much the project costs, especially if you’ve been told to get this sorted.

You can expect to pay anything from £4,000 (ex VAT) upwards. You can pay £000’s.

The reality is that to get an accurate price you do need to collate some information and ideally you’ve got this in place before you reached out to some suppliers. 

It can be frustrating to call a developer or supplier and not get an immediate quote, but would you get a quick a quick quote from builder on house extension?

Like any trade you’ll find that the quotes will vary depending on day rate, skills involved and the complexity of the solution that the supplier is offering. You need to consider that when you get your price back. The more information and the more precise your tender or information that you share the better – you’ll get a more accurate price and you should get fewer questions. 

You need to think about your project and a good supplier will help you think about the project. Be fair though, don’t just use the suppliers to take all their information if you have no intention of using them.

If you have a 2000 script, require voiceover, animation, interactions, custom graphics and more then don’t be surprised to see your budget go up and up! If you are prepared to use something that is more semi-custom then you can save more money and it might still meet your requirements. 

If you already have a budget save your time and that of the suppliers by sharing this at the outset. Don’t build a requirement set with a massive wish list if you have a restricted budget, 

If you find that the cost of creating your course is too high then you can consider buying some off the shelf content. There are hundreds of courses available, including those from our own library. These are ready to go and you’ll won’t have to wait for the development of your custom course. Courses are SCORM compliant, designed by our own development team and are ready to go

If you have a very specific custom content requirement then you’ll need to think about creating your own elearning course and what budget you need to work with. 

If you are creating your own course and are thinking about the budget consider this. The creation of the course requires these skills: 

Script writing

Graphic design

Interface design

Interactive design


Project Management

This is at least 6 skills. You might want animation and/or voiceover. If each person takes two days on the job at a day rate of £400 you already have a project fee that exceeds £6,000.

How much will your course cost? Instead think about your project budget and build your project requirement around it – work with a supplier and you’ll get a better solution.

If you don’t have the budget then think this? For £5,000 you could get all of the Real Projects library?

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