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Encyclopaedia Britanica
Case Study

Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Client

Encyclopaedia Britannica have set “the world standard in knowledge since 1768.” The iconic encyclopaedia is now based online, with over 140 million users in more than 80 countries.

The Brief

The development group at Encyclopaedia Britannica is tasked with keeping the company at the forefront of the information revolution. They brought us in to enhance their learning offering with cutting-edge interactive resources.

The Strategy

Working closely with the Head of Technology, we decided to create a set of resources which would achieve several goals at once, by empowering the client’s development team to:

The Process

We started by putting together a bespoke team, including a subject matter expert, an instructional designer, a graphic designer and a developer.

The team immersed themselves in the existing Encyclopaedia Britannica resources. Then they prepared some initial design sketches to capture the brand requirements and test some layout ideas.

From these sketches, the final resources were developed using a rapid, iterative prototyping process, which reduced the development timeline while enabling the client to be closely involved in the creative process.

The Results

Encyclopaedia Britannica’s development team not only have a set of cutting-edge resources ready to go, they also have a model for developing new resources to extend their reach. Because our framework enables their publishing team to get content online quickly and easily, we’ve also freed up more of the development team’s time for resource-building.
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