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Real Projects Expands Its Course Library With AI Courses

Real Projects has expanded its online course library with a new set of Artificial Intelligence courses (AI). Designed and developed by the award winning team behind the team that created the Remote Working Masterclass course the new AI series includes What is ChatGPT, Introduction to Ethical AI and What is Adaptive AI?

The new 15 AI courses have been launched after the success of last year’s AI and Data Analytics courses that are ready online and are used worldwide.

“Our existing AI courses have proved to be really popular, especially Common Application of AI” said Real Projects CEO, Scott Hewitt. “Our design and development team have been working to release this new set of AI courses for our customers as we know that AI is something that people are really interested in at the moment”.

The new AI courses do not need an LMS or LXP and go straight into your platform with no problems.

AI Course List

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning and AI
  2. What is Big Data?
  3. What is Blockchain?
  4. What is Computer Vision?
  5. What is a Neural Network?
  6. Why is Data Analytics Important?
  7. What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?
  8. What is ChatGPT?
  9. How do I use ChatGPT?
  10. How can you use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  11. Introduction to Ethical AI
  12. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)?
  13. What is Adaptive AI?
  14. Cyber Security – Using ChatGPT
  15. What is Generative Artificial Intelligence

AI Courses – Suitable for all

Real Projects AI courses are 3-5 minutes long and provide an introduction to the subject allowing everyone to get an idea and understanding of the subject without needing to be an expert. Available in SCORM 1.2 and coming complete with thumbnails and a content pack the courses can be deployed straight away with minimal fuss. For more information contact us today

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