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where can I buy elearning courses

Where can I buy elearning courses?

Everywhere? It appears that elearning courses are now available on platforms all over the internet with platforms available allowing people to develop their own content, develop and sell. Teachable, Udemy and more all available to allow you to build and post your course within hours. We’ve had friends who’ve built courses in Wix and sold them within days – its been a great success for them!

But what do you do if you need to buy eLearning courses for your company. You’ve been given the task to go and find a course library or a specific set of courses, just where do you start? 

Well, we have over 150 courses available for off the shelf eLearning, and they are in English and Spanish that are ready to go and are working in your company with an easy price plan and more are launched every week, you can speak to us!

You can also look at platforms like Open Sesame and Udemy that will provide a range of courses from suppliers and you can pick and mix. Don’t forget that there will be other suppliers out there that will offer courses that you can add to your LMS. If you don’t have an LMS, there will be a queue of vendors wanting to give you a demo or add you to their sales funnel!

You can buy courses from a range of platforms, including Udemy, Reed and Hot Courses or you can pick and mix courses from a number of suppliers. The problem with this is that you might need to have multiple logins to multiple platforms and this can end up with the courses not being used and learners that are bored and frustrated with the user experience. 

If you have a very specific course requirement, you might want to create a custom course. Why? Most off the shelf eLearning courses are built to sell volume and meet the market need, if you have a very specific requirement that is only for your company that you might struggle to find a ready to go solution. 

One solution can be to find a course that is a close match and ask the supplier to make some changes. A custom course can be a great solution but is often more expensive than buying a course off the shelf. If you do have a very specific content requirement you will often find that you’ll need to look at developing your own content as the off the shelf course won’t exist! If you are looking for developer you can post your requirement on a platform like Venndorly or post an article on Learning Light. 

Buying elearning courses can appear a very confusing process no matter how much experience you have as it is difficult to compare prices and vendors. Our advice – don’t pay too much and think about what are you going to do with your courses when you have bought them?

You might already have an LMS (Learning Management System) or Learning Platform that your workforce is using or this could be an exploratory project but when you buy your courses be clear about where they can be deployed. Companies like Source Course and Open Sesame are good resources. 

Importantly – don’t pay too much! There are lots of options for courses and platforms. Elearning doesn’t need to be expensive. 

Courses and platforms are often over priced. You can get great content and platforms at great prices that provide excellent functionality and customer support. Check out the https://www.findanlms.com/ for information on LMS that also might have a content library.

There is a range of courses available from multiple suppliers around the world supporting all sectors. If you have a very specific sector requirement you might want to reach out to this supplier to review this course set, speak to other people in your sector to find out who these suppliers are if you are not sure. Aviation and oil and gas are examples of industries that have specific course providers. If you are struggling to find out who they are, speak to your industry body or attend an industry exhibition, you’ll often find them! 

If you are buying courses you might want to use a supplier that has a series of courses that covers all of your requirements. You might need remote working, soft skills, hybrid working, information security, management and more. If you like one supplier then getting a course library will make it easier for you to work with one supplier, you might find it useful to work with 2-3 course libraries getting a variety of courses for your workforce. 

You’ll also want to get a trial so that you can test some of the courses to see that you like the content, style and tone to make sure that it fits what you need for your organisation. Think about whether you need a mix of content types within your courses – short, long, animation, interaction, etc. 

We make it easy for you to buy courses for your LMS and have them up and running quickly. You’ll have a scorm file, thumbnail and descriptions so that you can be up and running within days and not weeks. Importantly we won’t tie you to long, difficult contracts. If you don’t like the content anymore and need to cancel – just cancel. Easy!

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