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Why is a Content Library an Important Part of an LMS?

“Learn continually, there’s always one more thing to learn.” Steve jobs.

Contemplating your organisation’s training needs? Want relevant and up-to-date content that drives learner engagement and optimises your return on investment (ROI)? 

Looking for custom content for your organisation?

Then consider incorporating a content library within your learning management system (LMS). The benefits of including a content library into your LMS can bring a plethora of benefits to both your organisation and your learners. 

Here, we will delve into the reasons why a content library is an indispensable component of an LMS.

Enhancing Learning Content Management 

So, what’s the difference between a learning management system and a content library and how do they work together?          

Let us explain. 

An elearning content library is used to create and curate the content used for off-the-shelf and custom built course materials, compliance training and industry-specific training and learning. The content library stores all of the materials needed in one central area. 

The learning management system (LMS) is the method with which this content is delivered.

An LMS platform and a content library work together, with the content often using a standard known as SCORM, which enables you to host and deliver the training content. SCORM can be applied to any type of content. At a very basic level it helps to track and monitor users using the content through the LMS. 

So, now the technical bit is out there, let’s look at the ways an elearning content library     

will not only revolutionise, but radically change the way you train your workforce. 

Centralised Repository

An elearning content library is a centralised storage area for all your learning and training materials. Everything your organisation needs is located in one digital-audio and video files, text, presentations and images stored together. 

Be it bespoke materials created and branded uniquely for you, or off-the-shelf, everything is located in a single repository. This makes accessing content as easy for you as the trainers and learners. 

Efficient Content Curation

Seamless access to pre-built and pre-validated training allows you to initiate new programmes with the click of a button. Meticulously updated and expertly curated content allows fast execution of new materials, so you know that your organisation is being trained in line with current ideologies, technological advances and compliance updates. 

Elearning content libraries enable administrators to vet and categorise content and share with learners.

Version Control and Updates

Being able to use curated content that is continuously updated and refreshed keeps learning materials relevant. 

In addition to this, the ever-present concern of receiving non-compliance fines will be erased. In a content library, training materials will be updated in sync with changes in compliance. This way, you’re always going to be one step ahead of the game. 

Promoting Consistency and Standardisation

Consistent Learning Experience

You may be able to envisage the exact type of learning culture you want, but building and shaping that into something others can tangibly identify with is not as easy as you think. Curating content that brings those ideals to fruition, drives learner engagement and hits end targets takes considerable time and know-how. So, if you’re looking for a consistent approach, the elearning content library is the solution. 

Content is standardised across the courses, and the materials have been meticulously organised to meet the needs of all learning types. Curators understand best motivational practices and how to ‘bitesize’ information so that sessions are manageable and engaging for all. 

And, because the materials are standardised, learners know what they’re getting when they log on. This avoids confusion and frustration. No one wants to feel like they’re wasting their time–and an elearning content library ensures they’re not. 

Branding and Design Consistency

You may be thinking that your organisation’s needs are entirely and only relevant to your own workforce. Well, that’s perfectly fine. 

You may also be thinking that you don’t want your brand identity and personal work-force learning culture to be diluted in any instance. Well, that’s perfectly fine too. 

At Real Projects, we can tailor-make the exact training you’re looking for–right down to branding and the inclusion of personal design elements. Whilst we create off-the-shelf products that are used by an entire gamut of organisations, we’re also able to produce unique material that will seamlessly align with your vision. 

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Compliance and regulatory requirements training updates on a pretty regular basis. Information out there shows that in 2022, there were 12 major updates alone. Some of which come with fines should organisations be found to be in non-compliance. For this reason alone, industries and organisations must be hyper vigilant to up and coming changes and amendments. 

Incorporating an elearning content library into your LMS, can help to support your compliance and regulatory requirements. That’s because training materials will often update as the rules change. 

Peace of mind is garnered–mandatory courses and certifications are bang-up-to-date and participants will be completing only the training that is relevant and necessary.  

Enabling Flexibility and Customisation 

One of the main benefits of incorporating an elearning content library in your LMS, is the flexibility it offers. You can personalise it as microscopically as you want or access it completely off-the-shelf. In either instance, your organisation will be buying into high-quality, curated content, engaging and motivating course materials and in one, easy to access digital location. 

Customizable Learning Paths

As we’ve mentioned already, one of the greatest achievements of the learning content library is its capability to be customised, right down to the last minutiae. As an administrator or industry leader, you’re going to be finely tuned in to your company goals. Your vision might require specific training, personal to only your organisation. 

With an elearning content library, this can be achieved without the need for you to rewrite exhaustive content from scratch. We take your vision and curate into a series of achievable, engaging and motivating modules, using high-quality resources that allow users to interact, collaborate and share their experiences. Elearning materials are likely to increase user retention from 8-10% (class based) to 25-60% through an elearning portal. 

Modular Content Approach

The elearning library is a flexible tool that’s been designed to deliver the highest quality learning and training. In order to do this, modules and materials can be re-configured and re-arranged to create personalised learning experiences for learners. 

Integration of External Content

Incorporating an elearning library in your LMS does not confine you solely to the content in the elearning library. External content, such as third-party courses, open educational resources (OER) and multimedia assets will still be compatible. Thus, expanding the range of your available learning materials even further. 

Fostering Engagement and Learner Autonomy

Incorporating a learning library into your LMS takes the hard work out of elearning. Visualising the outcomes of training might be easy but understanding how to take learners to that end destination is not for the faint hearted. 

How do you cater for your tech phobes? Why should you limit learning time? 

How do you keep your learners engaged and on task? Do men and women learn in the same way? 

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, how are you going to create a pathway to success that all learners will want to traverse?

Diverse Learning Resources

An elearning library has been created to house the highest quality materials, produced by industry leaders and professionals. The learning materials are diverse to meet the needs of all learners.

Accessible on laptops, tablets, pc and even phones for those who are less comfortable with tech. 

‘Bitesize’ chunks so learning is maximised and retained in minimal time. 

Videos, gamified elements and interactive modules to engage learners.

Videos are preferred by men and online courses in general are preferred by women. 

We’ve done our research, we know the statistics and we use this knowledge to create the highest quality elearning library content. 

Self-Paced Learning

One major advantage of online learning is its ability to cater for all the participants’ needs simultaneously. It’s no secret we all learn at different speeds, some can glance over something once and take it in whilst others prefer to read and re-read to guarantee that every morsel of meaning has been acquired. Online learning allows for this in a way class based lessons never could. With online learning, you learn when you want, and however you want. 

Syncing all of your learning materials in one easy to access place makes this easy and avoids frustration learners feel when searching fruitlessly for information that appears unreachable. 

Knowledge Sharing and User-Generated Content

If you’re incorporating a content library into your LMS, you will also be using the SCORM and xAPI software. This software allows you to run collaborative features, discussion forums and user-generated content for your participants. This allows for a much deeper learning experience and heightens the online learning experiences. 

In summary, a content library, in the modern era, should be a staple part of an LMS. A content library allows you to maintain a precise pathway for learning, stored in an easily accessible digital repository. Materials will be current, relevant and curated to captivate and enthuse all learners. It also ensures that content is of the highest quality and can be tailor made or customised to suit your own personal needs. 

The question next is, why wouldn’t you include a content library as part of your LMS? It might be pretty hard to answer. 

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