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E-Learning Software Solutions, Design & Consultancy

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Every business and learner has different needs and requirements so we don’t try to offer you a packaged solution. All of our solutions are tailored to your requirements. We provide a range of services and skills including interactive design, animation, content creation, graphic design and animation.

Real Projects offers a range of E-learning services including:


Every organisation and its learners are different. If you have content that is specific to you and your learners we can design custom E-learning modules based on your content.


Fast, effective and ideally suited to linear learning material we can help you deploy your E-learning material in a cost effective manner. You may already have material as powerpoint files which we can transform for you.


Induction is vital to the success of any new starter. It might be an introduction from the CEO or a health and safety briefing, induction modules can get your message across quickly and effectively.


If you have a learning model that you need to bring to life or simply want to animate a difficult process, we can help. From character development to the creation of animations to show process flow we can design simple and complex animations.


Our team has extensive experience in creating websites and supporting their maintenance and development. It is not just about websites though, it might be a timesheet application or a learning management system that needs to be deployed. We offer a full range of services.


Our instructional videos have been seen by thousands of learners. Videos that we have created have covered subjects such as how to

From a video to explain to how to use a website to how to use a complex membership database.


If you have content experts we can work with your content and help with instructional design. If you need some great ideas to bring your content to life, we can work with you to create a creative E-learning solution.


Working with you, our team are experienced in designing, building and implementing leading edge E-learning solutions in education and business. We understand what makes a successful E-learning solution allowing you to get best value from your time and investment. We have worked as consultants on several E-learning projects and currently offer consultancy services to a number of our clients.


If you have course content that needs to be translated to other languages we will are able to manage the entire process. We are also able to design and deliver courses and projects that involve multiple languages.



If required we can deliver our courses with SCORM compliance, during the project specification we will talk to you about your requirements. If you have a specific LMS we also like to carry out a test with your LMS at the start of the project.

Learning Management Systems

If you don't have a Learning Management System (LMS) then we have our own Learning Management System. We can also assist with consultancy with Learning Management System procurement.


For more info on our services download the brochure and credentials via the links below.

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