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Cyber Security: Using ChatGPT

Cyber Security: Using ChatGPT – New Course Launched

Real Projects has launched their new elearning course Cyber Security: Using ChatGPT. Developed by the award-winning Real Projects team the course looks at some of the current concerns around using ChatGPT

Generative AI models like ChatGPT are dramatically changing the way we create content. This powerful conversational chatbot can produce natural and human-sounding text based on prompts.

However, as with any AI application, using ChatGPT comes with cybersecurity risks and challenges. In this course, we discuss some of the ways we can address these to promote cybersecurity when using ChatGPT.

Coming quickly after the release of the new Artificial Intelligence courses Real Projects continues to add to its award winning course library.

With over 200 courses that are used worldwide Real Projects courses are quickly becoming a go-to for companies looking for online courses.

CEO Scott Hewitt said “AI and ChatGPT is something that we are constantly asked for by our customers and I’m pleased that we are supporting them with another great course, we have an amazing brilliant team. Thanks goes out to Emily, Rafael, Dipender and Mark for another brilliant course”.

Audio narration and animated video aid comprehension and closed caption is standard. A built-in assessment checks that learners have mastered the content.

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