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Why Should I Use Articulate 360?

Articulate 360 – why you should consider it as your development tool

‘With a single subscription, you will have everything you need to create elearning courses for multiple devices.’ Articulate 360.

Articulate 360 is the premium platform for creating workplace learning. What sets it apart is its timesaving features, live on-demand training and ease of use.

With more than 120,000 subscriptions globally, Articulate users have created millions of elearning courses. Within that enormous subscription base sit all the Fortune 100 organisations and 19 of the top 20 US universities. 

Choosing the software that’s right for your elearning requirements is not a decision to take lightly so we’ve researched the Articulate 360 program for you. Read on to find out more.

Articulate has a large community of users worldwide providing support

The sheer size of the Articulate 360 user community speaks volumes about its popularity and success as a piece of elearning software. A global community that exists in more than 172 countries, this program has served the needs of more than 128 million elearning users. 

In order to support their subscribers, Articulate  provide:

  • training webinars
  • tutorials
  • articles
  • forum discussions
  • live chats
  • 24/7 email support.

Obviously, with a colossal community comes generous levels of support from experienced users. There is also the opportunity to collaborate with experienced users who can provide assistance and support through online forums. 

Articulate 360 includes multiple award-winning online development tools

Even if you leave the awards and accolades aside for the moment, what comes up time and time again in reviews of this software package is the award winning Storyline tool. PC Magazine refers to it as ‘the best elearning authoring tool on the market.’ 

Why? Because it excels in video creation and editing, course templating, quizzing and free-form outside-the-box coding and design functionality. Storyline also claims, and proves to be as easy to use for novices and professional web designers. With this aspect of the software you get to choose the interactive mediums that will best motivate, encourage and engage your learners. 

Another tool in the Articulate tool box is Rise. Rise is a web based application that enables you to create your own web content and online courses. You can build your own site or course in its entirety or you can use pre-made templates. It’s simple to use and creates a beautiful user experience. This aspect of the software alone facilitates intrinsic motivation within the learner. Creating intrinsic motivation is a key challenge in elearning, and because of the appealing user-face, this software overcomes the barrier effortlessly. 

Also part of the Articulate bundle is Articulate Review 360–allowing you to collect user reviews on your module or course materials. This means you can create updates, make changes and keep your audience up to date with changes to the course. 

Articulate is a highly effective elearning authoring tool. It facilitates web-based course building in the simplest and timely way. And, it creates a delightful user experience. 

Articulate has been used to develop over 4 million courses

Articulate 360 does not boast of its global reach, it doesn’t need to. The statistics speak for themselves. As we’ve mentioned already, it’s responsible for providing more than 128 million people around the globe with elearning opportunities. In the course of the last twelve months alone over 4 million courses have been created and over 23 million lessons. 

Perhaps because of its ease of use or perhaps because it offers such a visually appealing experience for the learner, this software does what few of its competitors are capable of doing. What’s also evident from recent studies, is that elearning courses authored by Articulate technologies demonstrate a reliable success rate for learners. 

The UK Government use Articulate 360 to facilitate elearning within public sector services. Other users include tech giants Google and Microsoft. Visa and Ebay, alongside several UK universities are also users of the award winning software. Evidence perhaps that the software is not only pleasing to use but reliable as an elearning medium. 

Articulate is a versatile and easy-to-use software solution

If you want your instructional designers to create aesthetically beautiful material with minimum effort, Articulate could be the software you’re looking for. Suitable for a veritable novice or an elearning design pro, a top-notch professional course is yours for the making. 

Content creators have noted that the time it takes to create a course is significantly less than with traditional authoring tools. Storyline provides options for a wide variety of elearning content, such as simulations, interactive models and assessments. 

Another plus point of this software is that several of the tools are 100% browser based. This means that it’s compatible on all devices and operating systems. There is nothing to download and nothing to install–they are completely browser based. 

The courses are as easy for the user to navigate as they are for the content creators to produce. 

Articulate 360 is an award winning software program that’s revolutionised the building of elearning content. Winning a slew Best of E-Learning! Awards in recent decades, coupled with Trust Radius Top Rated awards, there are accolades galore that triumph this product. 

But. it’s not just the silverware that tells you Articulate is a winner. Review after review hails this product as best in class, for the Rise, Storyline and Review tools, the easy to use authoring software and the user-friendly interface. 

Articulate 360 is trusted, valued and relied upon by millions of creators and learners around the globe. Elearning developers around the world and Learning and Developers are using Articulate to create their elearning content. 

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