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What to look for in an elearning course library?

There are lots of reasons why companies and organisations use elearning course libraries. A course library can consist of just a few courses to several thousand, covering a range of topics or can be very specific. You might work in a very specific industry or sector – but the likelihood is that there are elearning courses available for you. If there are none available, get in touch with us!

Elearning course libraries are often bought in but this isn’t always the case, sometimes companies develop their own content for their library. If an organisation has very organisation specific requirements then they will look to develop their own content, but for more generic content a elearning library can be an ideal solution. 

There are also organisations that use a mix of bought in content and in-house content. Often companies have their own in-house development teams who have created content specific to their organisation and need to supplement this with bought in content. Content and courses for areas like cyber security, information security and business skills can be bought in and supplement organisation specific courses and content. 

Companies and organisations will use an elearning course library for a number of reasons and we will look at few in this article: 


Elearning libraries can be up and running within hours. If you are looking for new content a huge advantage is that you can get access to new content very quickly. The content has already been developed, with descriptions, metadata and thumbnails already in place. 

If you have an LMS or LXP you might want to allow some extra time for integration but the deployment time is still much faster than creating the same content yourself. The courses will be available for deployment and you can quickly and easily have the courses up and running in your LMS.

Once the courses are available in your LMS you should have the functionality to allow access to your LMS within minutes. You can provide access by groups, users and also gradually provide access to users so that they are not overwhelmed with all of the new content. 

The time that you and your team will save is invaluable, especially if you have a very specific content need. At Real Projects we’ve recently developed courses on AI and ChatGPT to support the recent interest in this area, this has allowed customers to get new course content up and running to their users quickly and easily!


If you are looking to deploy elearning courses for the first time, have a specific content requirement or are looking to deploy courses to an entire workforce then an elearning library can be a cost effective option. Elearning courses can be used as part of your overall learning strategy, alongside face to face training, webinars, etc but they also help to reduce the need for physical classrooms, printed materials and reduce travel expenses. 

The implementation of an elearning course library can also reduce the cost of your custom course development. You might be currently developing each course in-house. An elearning course library can reduce your internal development costs and allow your internal team to focus on specific business course requirements. 

Variety of Content

Elearning course libraries often contain a range of diverse content types including courses, animations, videos and infographics. Most importantly you’ll find course libraries that will cover a whole range of subjects including AI, Information Security, Business Skills, Travel Security and more. The Real Projects course library covers a whole range of topics and also has courses in Latin American Spanish as well as English. 

If you work in a specific sector you might feel that there isn’t a course library for you, but you might be surprised. The elearning sector is now very well developed and there are providers for most sectors, you’ll need to complete your due diligence but there are a range of providers available covering subjects to data analytics in football to oil and gas.

Use your own Learning Management System

There are a number of elearning learning course libraries that allow you to use their content on your Learning Management System. You might have deployed your LMS/LXP and be short on content. A course library will allow you to get content out to your user quickly and effectively. Working with a course provider like Real Projects will allow your user to access a whole range of courses within hours once you have uploaded the content to your LMS. 

Using your LMS allows your learners to continue using your existing platform and you can customise the experience to the specific needs and goals of your users. Any specific groups can be set up depending on the course library, with content deployed based on individual user requirements, optimising the user experience. 

If you have an existing LMS or LXP in your organisation it will provide an accessible and convenient platform for users to access the course materials anytime and anywhere. This flexibility is valuable for users who are working in multiple locations and have busy work patterns. This is also especially useful for users who may not have had access to traditional face to face learning. 

Ensure your elearning library has a content roadmap

What’s a roadmap? If you have purchased an elearning content library then make sure that the library is regularly updated. You want to ensure that your library is getting new content updated during the length of your contract. Digital content can be updated far more easily than traditional materials or textbooks. This ensures that you are getting the latest content and your users are getting the most and current information. 

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